Best of British – The TT Legends

The 2018 Bremen Classic Motorshow: a feast for road racing fans

The organisers of the Bremen Classic Motorshow are exhibiting a group of 20 British motor-cycles never shown together before, from Friday 2, February to Sunday, 4 February 2018, at the Bremen Fair. The special exhibition entitled “Best of British – The TT Legends” will fea-ture original bikes from the heyday of the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy race (TT). From the 1914 Rudge “Multi” to the 1962 AJS 7R “Boy Racer”, these bikes give a unique and charm-ing overview of the fast-paced developments of the time. “The race motorcycles on display even include the original winners of the TT from 1934, 1949, 1952 and 1954”, says Project Manager Frank Ruge.

At that time, British motorbikes led the way, and many manufacturers found themselves competing under the scrutiny of a sport-loving public. It was against the law to race on public roads in England, so the Isle of Man became the place of choice. On this island between England and Ireland, the TT grew to become the world’s most famous road race, and it still takes place today.

The first race was held in 1907, with strict rules about which production bikes were allowed to participate, and their petrol consumption. Manufacturers saw it as an endurance test for their designs. In 1911, the route was extended to 60 km, which is the same route still used today. The altitude of the uphill and downhill country roads differs by more than 420 m, passing through small towns and villages, along hedges, fences and walls, around 225 bends, and sometimes even through different weather zones.

The first TT race won by a foreign motorcycle brand, namely Indian from the USA in 1911, provoked a flurry of technical developments in British motorcycles. The TT races became the most important annual stage for manufacturers and riders alike. Some manufacturers were satisfied with individual successes, while others based their entire brand image on TT wins. The glory of victory rubbed off on the entire range of models. Companies like AJS, Norton, Rudge and Velocette marketed variations of their technically sophisticated racing bikes for private sporting use, or as exclusive road bikes with correspondingly high price tags.

Winning TT motorcycles and their riders were also at the centre of Europe-wide Grand Prix races during the 1920s and 1930s. The introduction of a European motorcycle road racing championship meant that in 1938, the TT became the season’s opening race, and ultimately resulted in the motorcycle racing Grand Prix from 1949. British brands faced competition from Italy and Germany. Nevertheless, the fact that foreign motorcycle manufacturers con-tinued to use British and Irish TT riders only increased the prestige of the race, and the pub-lic’s interest in it. However, the mainly smaller domestic manufacturers found the costs in-creasingly hard to bear, reduced their technical development and, after 1954, came to an almost complete standstill. 1961 saw the final victory by the British brand Norton. It was then Italian and Japanese manufacturers who took the reins.

Huge increases in the performance of the race bikes led to ever more criticism of the route. As a result, in 1977, the TT was dropped from the motorcycle GP racing calendar. For 40 years, people have been saying the event is finished, but it remains the ultimate destination for street racing fans the world over.
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Bremen Classic Motorshow - Press release

Bremen Classic Motorshow_Halle 1

Hall 1 of the Bremen Classic Motorshow will be dedicated to classic motorbikes.

Bremen Classic Motorshow 2018_Velocette_1949_Marc Pejot

A never-before-seen selection of 20 English TT motorcycles from the height of the Isle of Man racing years will be shown in the special show in Hall 1.

Bremen Classic Motorshow 2018_Velocette_1949_Marc Pejot_01

Original winner motorcycle: Velocette DOHC 350 ccm

Bremen Classic Motorshow 2018_Velocette_1949_Marc Pejot_02

Detail of the original winner motorcycle: Velocette DOHC 350 ccm

Bremen Classic Motorshow 2018_Velocette_1949_Marc Pejot_03

Detail of the original winner motorcycle: Velocette DOHC 350 ccm

Bremen Classic Motorshow 2018_Velocette_1949_Marc Pejot_04

Detailaufnahme Velocette DOHC 350 ccm