Special Show

The question on everyone’s lips every year in the run-up to the Bremen Classic Motorshow: ‘What is the theme of the special show?’ – although that should actually be ‘special shows’ now. For just as the event has grown a little every year, ideas are springing up for new exhibitions. What started with cars quickly grew to include motorcycles. Alongside the special show in Hall 5, another show for classic motorcycles was developed. Over the next few years, the trading forum for young classics came into existence, and since 2014 there has also been an additional special show for cars in Hall 4 and for motorcycles on the upper deck of Hall 1. There was always one mission statement from the offset: to present rare originals and outstanding developments in design and technology. And every year, we develop new themes, find new exhibits and build new backdrops. And this isn’t easy, as we have already shown a lot: Borgward racing, rare Bugatti models, exclusive Panhard & Levassor models, legendary British racing cars, classic Alfa Romeo racing cars, special German car bodies, originals from the Schlumpf Collection, racing and rally winners, and unusual cars from Germany’s period of economic recovery.
And the question of all questions is: ‘What will it be next year?’