The season starts in Bremen!

The technically versed public, the high-quality selection of exhibits, the friendly atmosphere and the unique special shows for cars and motorbikes have for years contributed to the success story of the Bremen Classic Motorshow. It's a forum for friends, enthusiasts, experts, collectors and grease monkeys to get together for the occasional technical discussion in a relaxed atmosphere.



The dream of classic cars

Not only can you marvel at your dream classic car at the sales exhibition, but you can also make it a reality. Beautiful everyday classics, authentic originals, coveted rarities and elegant sports and racing cars will be on sale in three halls. Why not buy your first classic vehicle, add to your collection, discover a top classic car tip or make a safe investment in the classics of the future?

At the Bremen Classic Motorshow, you can – thanks to a wide range from the Beetle Cabriolet to the BMW 2002 Turbo and the Mercedes-Benz Kompressor. And fans of Italian, British, American and French cars certainly won’t want to miss the sales exhibition either. Information on servicing, restoration and maintenance will of course also be available.



Vom Moped bis zum Superbike

The Bremen Classic Motorshow is the only event of its kind to include motorcycles as a major element of the show. In Hall 1, the ÖVB-Arena, two-wheeler fans can admire a wide range of vehicles, from mopeds to super-bikes. In the centre of the Hall, we present our motorcycle special show, which is unique in Germany. It displays fascinating motorbikes according to different themes each year. In good time for the new season, enthusiasts who come to in Bremen can find the right spare part or even their next bike.

A must for fans are the many classic clubs with spectacularly designed stands and exclusive exhibits. On the top deck, you can find rare models with limited horsepower. This is where members of various moped and scooter clubs, often sporting their hallmark jackets with torn-off sleeves, show off their dream bikes from the past. In the adjacent Classic Costum Motorcycle Lounge, formerly known as the Mirror Hall, experts from the customiser scene present ingenious conversions ranging from cafe racers to scramblers to boppers, all built on classic frames. This show was established in 2020. Fans of non-motorised two-wheelers can find classic rarities and corresponding spare parts in Hall 1. The collector Wolfgang Hagemann and Arthur van Rooij from the Netherlands with his seemingly endless store of parts are a big draw for owners of classic racing bikes.

At the Bremen Classic Motorshow 2020, a total of 132 exhibitors and clubs presented a huge range of historical motorcycles, scooters, mopeds and bikes on an area of some 8,300 m².



All matching spare parts

After the long winter break, the Bremen Classic Motorshow offers the ideal opportunity to find that missing spare part you need to get your classic vehicle ready for the new season, whether on two wheels or four! Spare parts and restoration materials, tools and accessories, art, literature and of course auto-themed memorabilia – the Autojumble has something for everybody. Whether you're looking for tools for your workshop, authentic clothing, that missing manual or trim, or just want inspiration from the roughly 300 stands, the Bremen Classic Motorshow is highly likely to tick all your boxes. Have fun browsing!



Spectacular presentations with know-how and passion

Where can you see a Mercedes-Benz/8 in the Sahara, a Trabbi in an East/West German workshop, a giant display case filled with mopeds, a construction site with trucks and caterpillar-track vehicles, an MG in a weather house, a Fiat 500 in an ice-cream parlour, a large collection of MV Agusta motorcycles or a Messerschmitt bubble-car in a cinema?

Spectacular presentations like these are only available among the many and varied club presentations at the Bremen Classic Motorshow. Every year, classic vehicle clubs invest a vast amount of passion, expertise and manpower into developing creative, unique ways to present their beloved car types or favourite motorbike brands in extravagant settings.

But apart from the show effect, the club stands also offer newbies as well as old hands useful information and top tips.



Tomorrow's collectibles – today's still affordable classics

The hanseatic city of Bremen has a long tradition of trade and seafaring as well as entrepreneurship and innovation. So it's no wonder the Bremen Classic Motorshow not only presents historical automobiles for sale, but is also a trade forum with a very special character.

Beyond the traditional categorisation in vintage classics, modern classics and used cars, a new generation of vehicles is on offer here in original, authentic quality.

Young Classics are unrestored cars from the late 60s to early 90s. They must have a seamlessly documented history and are offered for sale by both private sellers and dealers. Very quickly, the idea of this trade forum developed into a solid success. During recent shows, most Young Classics found a new owner on the very first day, and many of them could have been sold several times over. The Renault 4 GTL, the Bertone-Coupé of the Simca 1000 or the Porsche 964 Carrera RS Lightweight were just some of the fast sellers. In 2019, we added a new category to our Young Classics - very young classics.

Actually, these aren't really classics, but younger models with the potential to become classics in a few years' time. We call them the Young Generation, and you can find them right next to the Young Classics in Hall 6. Highlights featured so far have been powerful models such as the BMW M3 E30 or the Mercedes Benz EV02.



The potential bargain market

Looking for your first classic vehicle? Have you been nursing this dream for a while? Maybe now's the time to make it come true. In the multi-storey carpark between Halls 2/3 and 4. Admittedly, the multi-storey carpark is open to the elements and in February it can be cold and windy. But the Vehicle mart is still one of the most popular exhibition areas at the Bremen Classic Motorshow.

On the six parking decks a few dealers, but above all private owners offer more than 250 vehicles for sale. They are at least 30 years old, or – as an exception and with our approval - at least 20 years old!

Just imagine: You stroll through the exhibition halls in the morning, then wrap up well and inspect what's on offer in the multi-storey carpark. After some tough bargaining, you hand over the money for your new dream car and drive it home at the end of the day. Anything's possible!



Spectacular two-wheelers and spare parts

The Bremen Classic Motorshow is the only event of its kind to include motorcycles as a major element of the show. In a dedicated, 3,000 m² hall, two-wheeler motor vehicle fans can enjoy a varied range of offers, from mopeds to superbikes. In good time before the start of the new season, the show in Bremen provides an opportunity to find that missing spare part or the perfect motorbike. Unique in Germany is the motorcycle special show in Hall 1. Every year, it presents spectacular two-wheelers that represent different themes. A must for fans are the many classic clubs with spectacularly designed stands and exclusive exhibits. Visitors still hungry for more motorcycle action after looking around the indoor show can go to the upper deck. There they'll find more highlights on two wheels as well as a Race Cafe in the Sky Lounge, where they can get together with fellow fans.



Bobbers, trackers, choppers and cafe racers

Upstyled classic motorbikes in the Mirror Hall

Typically, classic and custom bike owners meet up in the warmer months in the wide-open outdoors with barbecues and roaring engines. In February 2020, the North-Western biker community participated in the Bremen Classic Motorshow for the first time. The temperatures outside were frosty and the days were short, but the more than 35 bikes in the Mirror Hall attached to Hall 1 shone brilliantly in the warm spotlights. Bobbers, trackers, choppers and cafe racers – every bike an individual, but all united by one common factor: the custom bikes are built on a classic frame, at least 30 years old! That's the requirement a bike must meet before it can be shown at the Bremen Classic Motorshow. Earlier shows didn’t represent custom bikers. But the BCM organisers decided to offer a new winter home to the younger and above all more diverse scene compared to the classic bike purists. After all, both groups consist of motorcycle enthusiasts who have a passion for engines and love tinkering with them! With the help of partners in the custom bike community, the premiere of the Classic Custom Motorcycle Lounge in the Mirror Hall was a great success. Fascinating conversations about nuts-and-bolts topics on comfy leather couches, mind-expanding encounters between old-school bikers and customisers and thoroughly original custom bikes – all based on classic frames. Visitors to the BCM can be sure that the presentations in the Mirror Hall will continue to include spectacular exhibits in the coming years!



Top craftsmanship and perfect mechanics

Excellent selection of historical racing bikes with steel frames

They're fast, they're stylish and they're hip. And since 2018 they've been part of the Bremen Classic Motorshow: a small but select display of racing bikes from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s! Racing bikes with classic steel frames have experienced a Renaissance since the early 2010s. Students and hipsters speed to uni or to work on them, Ikea illustrates its catalogues with them, and collectors in management positions even decorate their offices with sometimes extremely valuable models that have long passed the vintage age. Admittedly, they aren't motorised, but the cult combination of engineering and design attracts increasing numbers of visitors to the Bremen Classic Motorshow. The collector Wolfgang Hagemann has for several years been on hand at the show to explain the details of chrome, steel, fine craftsmanship and perfect mechanics. And he is always keen to expand on the subtle differences between the bicycle gear systems of the 50s and those of the 80s. Alongside many dealers from Northern Germany, Arthur van Rooij from the Netherlands presents an unbelievable range of historic racing bikes and spare parts, all for sale at the show.